The Handgun Dry Practice System for Self-Defense by Gianluca Zanna
5 rounds in 1 square inch drill
Gianluca Zanna AZ DPS Firearms Instructor

The Handgun Dry Practice System for self-defense Lev 1 e-Book

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Train how to become proficient with your handgun for self-defense everywhere, anytime, using no Live ammunition saving thousands of $$$ and time!
Level 1: Fundamentals
by Gianluca Zanna AZ DPS Firearms Instructor – NRA Firearm Instructor - NRA Chief Range Safety Officer – Krav-Maga Black Belt Instructor 

What you get:

1) The Dry Handgun Dry Practice System e-book 96 pages filled with techniques and combat drills to improve your shooting and gun manipulation skills for self-defense.

2) ​Access to Free Videos about the techniques described in the e-book to improve your learning.

3) Free email technical support with Gianluca Zanna. If you have any specific questions about the drills and handgun training, you can ask directly to the author.

4) 50% Off any coming Dry Practice Workshop in your area with Gianluca Zanna.
5) 30 Days Money Back guaranteed.

Just 10 minutes each day, for 30 days and you will master:

Fast explosive handgun presentation from your holster while delivering 2 rounds in 1.5 second

Emergency reload, tactical reload, administrative reload, speed reload like a Pro

Clearing malfunction type 1, type 2, type 3 like a Pro

Develop laser-accurate Marksmanship being able to hit 5 rounds in 1 square inch at 5 yards from standing

Superior Gun Safety and much more...