Krav-Maga: Body Weapons & Strikes e-Book
Gianluca Zanna in Israel with Master Alain Cohen
Gianluca Zanna in Ashdod Israel during training Krav-Maga
Gianluca Zanna Black Belt Krav-Maga Instructor

Krav-Maga: Body Weapons & Strikes e-Book

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Krav-Maga is the combat system used by the Israeli Military and elite Law Enforcement from around the world. Now you can learn in this affordable eBook the fundamental principles, how to use your body and mind as a weapon to defend yourself and your loved ones. Free Videos for each technique are included! THIS eBOOK WILL HELP YOU to learn how to use your body and mind as a weapon

You are the Weapon No matter how many weapons you carry, or how strong your body is, your main weapons are your brain and your heart. Krav-Maga is not a martial art but a way of life that you will bring with you to every moment of your day. 

With my eBook You'll Learn:

How to avoid 99% of violent confrontations! As civilians, the best fight is the one we can avoid.

​How to develop The Combat Mindset and how to Control Fear through visualization and proper breathing techniques.

How to strike your opponent using any part of your body or using weapons of opportunity.

​​How to defeat even bigger opponents by understanding combat anatomy and creating shocking distractions that will give you the element of surprise.

How to generate devastating power and incredible speed for every strike you deliver. 

111 Pages of practical knowledge with Free Videos. For the price of a couple of coffees, you will have the opportunity to learn...

1) Philosophy and brief History of Krav-Maga

2) Principles of Krav-Maga

3) The Krav-Maga Rules

4) You are the Weapon - Combat Mindset. Mental Conditioning, Weapons of Opportunity

5) How to Avoid the Fight

6) Beyond situational Awareness: Observe, Analyze, Act


8) The 3 moments of Striking

9) Preemptive Strike

10) Controlling Fear and the Danger of Freezing

11) Distractions

12) Dynamic of the Fight

13) Understanding the 4 Distances

14) Principles of Power

15) Principles of Speed

16) Before Training Warm-Up

17) Stances

18) Body Targets

19) The simplest Upper Body Defense

20) The Vertical Punch and 360 Blocks

21) Palm Strikes

22) Hammer Fist

23) Forearm Strike (Zvinger)

24) 8 Elbow Strikes

25) Knife Hand or Chop

26) Ridge Hand

27) Knuckle Strike

28) Web Strikes

29) Eye Gouge

30) Fingers Strike

31) Clinch

32) Head Strikes

33) Shoulder Strike

34) Slap Strike

35) Knee Strike

36) Stomp

37) Groin Kick

38) Bite Strike

39) “Kid's” Shin Kick

40) Fighting Drills and Rets