Handgun Combat CQB Hypnotic Program

11) Handgun Combat CQB - Hypnotic Program for Enhancing Close Quarters Gun Fighting

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Shooting a paper target at 10 yards or beyond is not like shooting at an attacker who is at breathing distance from you, or shooting at close range where you have no time to focus at the front sight at all.   Handgun Combat CQB is a unique self-hypnosis program to   Enhance Close Quarters Gun Fighting Handgun Reflexes and skills for Close Quarters Battle environment,

Handgun Combat CQB - Hypnotic Program mp3 Audio format comes with 30 days money-back guarantee.

An average of 6 to 12 sessions is needed for permanent results.
The results are correlated to your mental state and the will to make changes in your mind and body. 
A set of headsets is recommended. Please use a place with no distractions where you can relax comfortably on a chair or bed.