Clearing Handgun Malfunctions Hypnotic Program for developing fast and perfect Malfunctions Clearances

09) Clearing Handgun Malfunctions: Hypnotic Program for mastering fast Malfunctions Clearances

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We have 3 basic handgun malfunctions we should be able to clear with an immediate response: Malfunction Type 1 (Click instead of a bang, bad primer, or no round in the chamber), Type 2 (Brass stuck in the ejection port), and Type 3 (double feed). Training with your handgun is fundamental, especially dry practice training should be part of your daily routine to improve your skills in clearing handgun's malfunction (please check my eBook Dry Practice System for Handgun Level 1) but now you can keep training even without any handgun in your hand, anywhere you can close your eyes and relax you can use this powerful Hypnotic Program for improving your clearing handgun's malfunctions under stress.

Clearing Handgun Malfunctions - Hypnotic Program mp3 Audio format comes with 30 days money-back guarantee.

An average of 6 to 12 sessions is needed for permanent results.
The results are correlated to your mental state and the will to make changes in your mind and body. 
A set of headsets is recommended. Please use a place with no distractions where you can relax comfortably on a chair or bed.